While looking through old documents, it is almost inevitable that the reader's attention will be drawn from the intended target to other articles. Most of the reports below were found in old Ardrossan and Saltcoats and Glasgow Herald newspapers.  Although they have no football content, they may be of interest.

The Clyde passenger steamer Kylemore, which has been lying for a considerable time at Montgomerie Pier undergoing reconditioning after her war service and work on which was almost completed, broke from her moorings and drifted onto the embankment on the North Shore yesterday morning.  She is holed in one place and the afterpart is flooded.   It was arranged to attempt to tow her off at high tide.
                Glasgow Herald, 9 January 1920

The Ardrossan Dry Dock and Shipbuilding Company Limited launched yesterday the cargo coaster Hurlford which they have built for Messrs Mann, Macneal and Company, Glasgow.  The vessel is of 330 tons deadweight and her dimensions are 123 feet 6 inches in length, 23 feet 6 inches in breadth and 11 feet 1 inch in depth to main deck.
                Glasgow Herald, 17 January 1920

A severe storm raged at Ardrossan during the night and early yesterday morning, and the Moor Line steamer Hazelmoor of Newcastle, while attempting to make Ardrossan Harbour, ran ashore on the Horse Island (shown below in 2002).  In response to a call for assistance, the Ardrossan lifeboat put out and brought the crew ashore.  The Hazelmoor, which was on a voyage from Valencia to Ardrossan with five thousand tons of iron ore is lying broadside on and it is feared she may become a total wreck.   The weather moderated yesterday but a fairly heavy sea was still running.
                Glasgow Herald, 29 January 1920

At a meeting of the Scottish Junior Selection Committee held on Saturday night, the following team was selected to oppose the Western League at Meadow Park, Irvine on Saturday.
Dempster (Newarthill Thistle), Bethune (Petershill), Welsh (Muirkirk Athletic), Orr (Burnbank Athletic), Henderson (Larkhall Thistle, captain), Murray (Girvan Athletic), Cameron (Duntocher Athletic), Dunn (Saint Anthony’s), Picken (Dundee Violet), Kelly (Blantyre (Celtic) and Wallace (Muirkirk Athletic).  The reserve to travel is Morrison (Drongan Juniors).
The following is the side selected by the Western League.
Langlands (Ardrossan Winton Rovers), Carroll (Kilbirnie Ladeside), McQuade (Neilston Victoria), Aitken (Kilbarchan Athletic), McLaughlan (Kilwinning Rangers), Brown (Renfrew Juniors), Bennett (Renfrew Juniors), McNay (Neilston Victoria), Cunningham (Irvine Meadow XI), Ramsay (Renfrew Juniors), and Meikle (Saltcoats Victoria).
                Glasgow Herald, 16 February 1920

The wooden sailing smack Loch Iorsa, built by Barclay, Robertson and Company, Ardrossan, for John Kerr and two others and launched on the 25 July 1876, while inward with a cargo of coal, stranded on rocks in Arinagour Harbour, Isle of Coll.
                Glasgow Herald, 20 April 1920

There was launched yesterday from the South Yard of the Ardrossan Dry Dock and Shipbuilding Company Limited the cargo steamer Poliana which the firm have built for Norwegian owners.  The vessel is of 7500 tons deadweight, 373 feet 6 inches in length, 52 feet in moulded breadth and 36 feet 6 inches in depth to shelter deck.  She has three boilers fitted up for burning either coal or oil or oil and coal combined.  Engines will be supplied by Messrs J G Kincaid and Company Limited, Greenock.  The Poliana is the largest steamer yet launched from the Ardrossan yard.
                Glasgow Herald, 23 April 1920

The steel screw steamer Eveleen - 160 feet in length, 25 feet in breadth and 9 feet in depth - built by Ardrossan Dry Dock and Shipbuilding Company Limited for J Milligen and Company Limited, Belfast, was launched on the above date.
                Glasgow Herald, 4 June 1920

A week’s flying at Ardrossan commenced on Saturday. Two machines of the Avro type are being used and Captain Kingwill and Flight Commander Jones took up a good number of passengers during the day.
                Glasgow Herald, 14 June 1920

A lady passenger travelling in the cabin of the RMS Woodcock from Belfast to Ardrossan gave birth to twins. She was attended to by a couple of nurses who were among the passengers.  On arrival of the steamer, a doctor was called and the lady and twins were removed to her home in Dumbarton by motor ambulance.
                Glasgow Herald, 2 August 1920

The Ardrossan Dry Dock and Shipbuilding Company Limited launched yesterday the passenger and cargo steamer Ardmore which they have built for the cross-channel service of the Cork Steam Packet Company Limited.  This vessel, which is of 1150 tons, will be engined by Messrs J G Kincaid and Company Limited, Greenock.  The launching ceremony was performed by Lady Pirrie and among the others present were Lord Pirrie, Sir Joseph Maclay, Lord Eglinton, Sir Alfred H Read, Sir Hector M Macneal and Mr E Aitken Quack, Managing Director of the Ardrossan Shipbuilding Company.
                Glasgow Herald, 12 August 1920

At a meeting of the members of the Ayrshire Constabulary in Ardrossan, Sergeant Berry, on his retirement after thirty-four years service, was presented with a gold watch for himself and a gold and pearl pendant for Mrs Berry.  The presentation was made by Inspector McIlwrick.  Sergeant Berry, while in the army, took part in the expedition for the relief of General Gordon and in the defeat of Osman Digna.
                Glasgow Herald, 30 August 1920

The Ardrossan Dry Dock and Shipbuilding Company launched yesterday the cargo steamer, Dunkerquois, which they have built for La Compagnie des Bateaux a Vapeur du Nord, Dunkirk.  The vessel is of 5400 tons deadweight and 3160 tons gross, 331 feet in length, 47 feet in breadth, and 24 feet 6 inches in depth to upper deck.  The designed speed is about nine knots. Engines will be supplied by Messrs J G Kincaid and Company, Greenock.
                Glasgow Herald, 2 September 1920

The Ardrossan Dry Dock and Shipbuilding Company launched on Saturday the cargo steamer, Skrymer, for which they have built for Mr B A Sanne, Christiania.  The vessel is of over 3000 tons deadweight; 271 feet in length, 41 feet in breadth moulded, and 21 feet in depth moulded.   She is designed for a speed of 10 knots. Messrs J G Kincaid and Company, Greenock, will supply triple expansion engines.
                Glasgow Herald, 11 October 1920

A coal strike disrupts local transport links.  The coal strike began on Monday  18 October and all Ayrshire pits are idle. In consequence, the night steamer between Ardrossan and Belfast has been suspended and 13 trains between Largs and Glasgow have been withdrawn by the Glasgow and South Western and Caledonian Railway companies.
Glasgow Herald, 22 October 1920

The playpark at Castle Hill, created thanks to a generous donation, opened. The swings and roundabouts presented for the children of Ardrossan by a local lady have been erected at the foot of Castle Hill adjoining the bleaching green.
                Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 22 October 1920

At a meeting of Ardrossan Town Council, a letter was read from Lord Eglinton's factor agreeing that, in exchange for the taking over by the burgh in their present condition the private streets in Ardrossan belonging to Lord Eglinton, his Lordship would, subject to certain conditions, convey to the burgh the baths property and the South Beach Green.  A committee was appointed by the Council to further consider the proposal.
                Glasgow Herald, 20 November 1920

A strike of joiners employed in the shipbuilding industry of the United Kingdom was inaugurated yesterday.  The joiners in Ardrossan Shipyard, numbering over a hundred, did not start work yesterday.
                Glasgow Herald, 2 December 1920