While looking through old documents, it is almost inevitable that the reader's attention will be drawn from the intended target to other articles. The reports below were found in old Ardrossan and Saltcoats Heralds. Although they have no football content, they may be of interest.

The Ardrossan Choral Society are arranging to give a public rehearsal in Ardrossan towards the end of the month. For some months, they have been practising The Lord of the Isles, a charming composition and together with a number of part songs, duets and solos, will present an enticing programme. The receipts from this concert are to be voted to the fund for the unemployed.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 6 March 1885

The construction of the new road which is to connect South Crescent with that to the cemetery (shown below as South Beach Road in 2011) and the widening of the bridge over the Stanley Burn are sufficiently far advanced to give some conception of these improvements. The former is superintended by the committee in charge of the fund for the unemployed and the latter by Mr Patrick for the road trustees and both parties are to be congratulated on works of substantial value and which cannot fail to be appreciated by the public. It remains for his lordship to improve the space between the two bridges which cross the Stanley by embanking the water course and sloping the bank of turf which can be done at little cost. By construction of the new road, there has been opened up a fine field which will probably soon be let for feuing purposes. We can think of no finer site for a row of cottages. The view indeed would be limited to the immediate surroundings but the residents would have what all other fuears want - a belting of trees on three sides and although within three minutes walk of the sea, they would have a sense of being in the country.

            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 26 June 1885

The Kilbarchan Cooperative Society have their annual excursion to Ardrossan tomorrow. They will be accompanied by the Kilbarchan Instrumental Brass Band.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 3 July 1885

The well-known shipyard of Messrs Barr and Shearer, for many years the principal yard for repairs and shipbuilding below Greenock on the Clyde is, we understand, for sale by private bargain. The old Provost, so long the ruling spirit of this organisation, died about a year ago.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 17 July 1885

The model ship (shown below in 2006) presented by A D Bryce-Douglas esquire has this week been successfully placed on the steeple of the New Parish Church, Ardrossan. The old stone courses at the top of the steeple were taken down a distance of nine feet, the old rod taken out and a new rod two inches thick by twenty feet long inserted. From the top of the base stone to the deck of the ship is eleven feet and the rod rises seven feet clear of the topmost point of the steeple, the indicators north, south, east and west being midway between that and the ship. The work is being done by Mr John Boyd, mason, Mr Robert Barbour junior, joiner, the steeplejack in this instance being Mr John Mellon, joiner, Vernon Street, Saltcoats who has done several jobs of this sort in Paisley and elsewhere. The ship is four feet eight inches long by eight inches broad of beam, three feet intervening between keel and the truck on main topmast. The hull and rigging are of copper, yards of brass and she is steered by "double spankers" or main sheets.

            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 7 August 1885

Saturday last (29 August 1885) was a gala day in Ardrossan. The occasion of the almost total suspension of business and large influx of visitors was the regatta and aquatic sports which came off in the North Bay. For some weeks past, an energetic committee were engaged in drawing up rules, arranging events and collecting subscriptions and their labours culminated on Saturday in a very successful day's sport. At the outset, they were fortunate in securing the services of A D Bryce-Douglas, esquire and George McRoberts, esquire as commodore and vice-commodore but as Mr Douglas was unavoidably absent, being called to Liverpool on business, the duties of both offices fell on Mr McRoberts.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 4 September 1885

A meeting of the Liberal Association was held in the Orange Hall, Ardrossan on Wednesday evening (16 September 1885) for the purpose of re-organising the association. There was a good attendance of representative Liberals. The office-bearers appointed were Honorary President - A D Bryce-Douglas, esquire, Seafield House; President - J L Bailey, esquire; Vice-Presidents, Messrs William Duncan, saddler and John Boyd, builder; Secretary - William Guthrie, Treasurer, John Adams and a large committee. Mr Bryce-Douglas who was present addressed the meeting on the necessity which existed for unity and energy and expressed the hope that their efforts would be crowned with success. It was intimated that as Mr Emslie had resigned his position as agent for the district and as secretary to the Ardrossan, Saltcoats and Stevenston Association, Mr William Douglas, writer had been engaged to attend to the legal work of the association.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 18 September 1885

We would remind fishermen and others who have time on hand to pay a visit to the Good Templars' Hall, Glasgow Street (shown below as the Gospel Hall in 2002) where they may pass and hour very pleasantly on the cold winter evenings. A variety of pastimes can be engaged in amid the most comfortable surroundings.

            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 27 November 1885

We would remind our readers of the thought-reading entertainment which comes off in the Assembly Hall, Ardrossan tonight, Friday (18 December 1885). No artiste has visited Ardrossan so well-qualified to give exhibitions of the wonderful power of reading unuttered thoughts and explaining hitherto uncanny mysteries. A bumper house should be given to Miss Grey.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 18 December 1885

     Seafield House (shown below as Quarriers in 2008)
     24 December 1885
Friend Guthrie
Will you kindly accept the enclosed £10 and, as last year, distribute among the deserving poor of Ardrossan and Saltcoats irrespective of church or denominational connection?
Your truly
A D Bryce-Douglas

            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 25 December 1885