While looking through old documents, it is almost inevitable that the reader's attention will be drawn from the intended target to other articles. The reports below were found in old Ardrossan and Saltcoats Heralds. Although they have no football content, they may be of interest.

The usual monthly meeting of this Board was held in the Town Hall, Saltcoats, on Thursday night (6 February 1873), Mr Alexander Ingram presiding. After the Inspector’s usual monthly list of pauper cases had been disposed of, a circular was read from the Secretary of the Board of Supervision in which it was stated that the Board had reason to believe that considerable carelessness and laxity of practice exist in some districts with reference to the requirements of the Vaccination Act and recapitulating the duties incumbent not only on vaccinators but on every one included under the statute.
  Another circular was read from Mr Skelton, in which it was stated, in which it was stated that the Secretary of the Board of Supervision found that it would be impossible for him in future to act as arbitrator on disputed questions between Parochial Boards.
            Glasgow Herald,
10 February 1873

Two French sailors on board a vessel in Ardrossan Harbour yesterday morning consumed a quantity of shellfish known as limpets which they had gathered on Horse Island, situated about half a mile from the shore.  Shortly afterwards they were seized with severe illness and medical aid had to be summoned.  The captain, who was one of the sufferers, was supplied with emetics, and he slowly recovered but the other sufferer continued in an unconscious state throughout the entire day, and while we write he continues in a precarious condition.
            Glasgow Herald, 25
February 1873

Early yesterday morning, the body of a seaman named William Kelso was found floating in Ardrossan Harbour at the entrance to the docks.  Kelso had been employed as a cook on board the screw steamer Arden and it is supposed that while attempting to cross the dock gates, he had fallen into the water and was drowned.  The deceased, who was about fifty years of age, has left a widow.
            Glasgow Herald, 2
7 February 1873

On Thursday evening (27 February 1873), the Ardrossan Parochial Board held their half-yearly meeting in the Town Hall, Saltcoats.  Mr A Ingram, who presided, called attention to the subject of collections at the doors of parish churches, which, he said, according to a recent legal decision, ought to be devoted to the poor of the parish and to them only.  He proposed "That a committee be appointed to inquire into the powers and duties of the Parochial Board, not including heritors, being members thereof, under the 54th Section of the Poor Law Amendment Act, relative to the management of the poor's funds raised from church door collections and report."  After some conversation, it was agreed to allow the motion to lie on the table till next ordinary meeting.
            Glasgow Herald, 1 March 1873 

The usual monthly meeting was held on Monday evening (3 March 1873).  The Clerk reported that he had sent off the petition from the Council in favour of the proposed amalgamation of the Glasgow and South-Western Railway with the Midland.  The report on licensed houses within the burgh by the officer was read, and considered satisfactory.  The Council agreed that the Magistrate should consult with the Provost as to calling a public meeting to consider the Education Act.
            Glasgow Herald,
5 March 1873