Winton got off to a good start in season 1958-59.

Dougie Livingstone, Chesterfield's new manager from Fulham and former Celtic full-back, has good reports about Bruce Carter, Ardrossan Winton Rovers' scoring centre-forward.  Carter has speed and shooting power.  He was under review by Jimmy Smith of Rangers last Saturday (7 June 1958) at Recreation Grounds, Ardeer.
            Evening Times, 11 June 1958

Winton’s Promising Start

Saltcoats Vics, with four newcomers. in their line-up, were favourites to defeat Winton Rovers, with seven new faces in their team, in the opening league game at Campbell Park (on 9 August 1958).  The Ardrossan side, however, had different ideas and although they had their difficult moments, in the end they were easy winners.  Rovers, without being brilliant, were the more purposeful side and with changes in-one or two vital positions, they should in time bring the crowds back to Winton Park.  Saltcoats had one of those days when things just wouldn’t go right for them but on the whole, their front rank was woefully weak.  Young was prominent in the early play but on two occasions he spoiled good moves by getting into an offside position.  When Saltcoats did get on the move, Pirrie looked none too safe in the Rovers goal.  Saltcoats forced two corners and a free-kick from Leck was cleared.  In twenty-five minutes, Cree took a corner on the right.  His kick. was headed on by Young and Wyllie connected to head strongly into the net.  This reverse spurred Saltcoats and in five minutes, they took advantage of a jittery Winton defence for D Orr to score.
continued to be the more dangerous side and five minutes before the interval, Young was on the spot to shoot home a cross from Cree.   Pirrie misjudged a cross from the right and Higgins should have done better than to shoot into the side net.  A Kearney effort just aften the restart found Leckie in position then Young went through on his own but his shot went just past the upright.  Again, Young spreadeagled the defence but Cree shot high over.  Pirrie had now gained confidence and point-blank saves from McGoogan and Reid kept his team in front.  Saltcoats had made a number of positional switches but they showed little improved.  Despite the loss for a time of Gemmell through injury, Winton still looked more likely to score.  The score when it did come, however, should have been averted.  Leckie allowed Kearney’s forty-five yarder to pass through his legs into the net. Wing-halves McCann and Jackson were a combined driving power in the Winton success and the newly-signed all fitted in nicely.  A revelation was the play of Willie Kearney who, despite his twelve months, absence from  the- game, showed much of his old skill and enthusiasm.  J Orr, Murney and D Orr played well for Saltcoats but they received little support.  The gate receipts were 28.
     The teams were
Saltcoats Victoria - Leckie; J Orr and McLeish; Reid, Murney and Leck; Blyth, McGoogan, D Orr, Tracey and Higgins.
Winton Rovers - Pirrie, Newman and Gemmell; McCann, Newman and Jackson; Cree, Wylie, Young, Newman and Kearney.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 15 August 1958