1922 was not Winton Rovers' best year.

A sequel to Saturday’s football match at Largs between Largs Thistle and Ardrossan Winton Rovers, which the former won, was heard in Largs Police Court, when 32 men appeared before the Burgh Magistrates charged with riotous and disorderly conduct.  All tendered pleas of not guilty.
     Accused had travelled to Largs by charabanc, and on the return journey, as the charabanc was leaving Largs, stones were thrown from it, hitting the walls of houses near which people were standing.  A tumbler thrown from the charabanc went through the glass door of the house occupied by Mr William Wilson, chairman of Largs Parish Council, and while passing through Fairlie a poker, taken from a Largs public-house, was thrown from the vehicle and hit a Fairlie youth, inflicting serious injuries. 
An agent for the accused said that he accepted that missiles were thrown from the vehicle, but he held that all the accused were not implicated. 
The Burgh Prosecutor brought forward 22 witnesses.
     Later one man admitted throwing out the tumbler which struck Mr Wilson’s door, stating that he threw it out only to get rid of it, while another man confessed to throwing the poker, stating that he aimed at a war memorial.  These men and another were fined 5 or 30 days; nine of the accused 2 or 20 days; and 16 were found not guilty.  The charges against the remaining four were withdrawn.
                Glasgow Herald, 13 December 1922