Ardrossan Winton Rovers was founded in 1900 and was the only team in the town at the time.

In view of the fact that the new drainage outlet will practically ruin the facilities for bathing enjoyed by swimmers in the locality, I would like to ascertain through your columns if it would not be possible for a club to be formed among local gentlemen for the purpose of establishing suitable bathing grounds. Local enthusiasts might act together for this purpose. As the present public bathing house is not of the kind calculated to entice bathers within, surely a more suitable house could be obtained. The clubhouse which belonged to the Castlehill Athletic Football Club might be utilised. If it could be procured and removed to a suitable position, it would be a decided improvement upon the present house. Hoping this matter will have the attention which I think it deserves,
I am, yours et cetera
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 2 March 1900

The local juvenile derby took place on South Beach on Saturday (15 September 1900) between Saltcoats Rangers and Ardrossan Rovers before a goodly crown of onlookers. Both teams, though not at full strength, were well represented and a rousing game was the outcome. The Rovers, with the sun at their backs, opened the scoring through Anderson but their success was short-lived as the Saltcoats lads quickly equalised. Both teams made a great effort to score before the interval but the defence was too good and they crossed over equal. On the resumption, it looked as if the Rangers would be all over their opponents, so well did they play, but numerous chances went a begging owing to poor shooting and slack play. The Ardrossan forwards had a dashing run and McKillop, seizing an opportunity, rushed in and gave his side the lead. The Rangers, seeing defeat certain, buckled to and encouraged by the cheers of their supporters, showed something like their true form, Knox with the shot of the day making the scores level. It now looked as if the Saltcoats youths would win the game but the Rovers defended well and prevented them from scoring, the game ending in a draw of two goals each.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 21 September 1900
The Ardrossan team was referred to as Ardrossan Rovers. In the report below on the same teams, the phrase 'It will be remembered that the teams met some six weeks ago' suggests that Ardrossan Rovers was the team thereafter known as Ardrossan Winton Rovers. This was therefore Winton Rovers' first reported match.

The Saltcoats Rangers and Ardrossan Winton Rovers engaged each other at Winton Park in their return friendly (on 27 October 1900). It will be remembered that the teams met some six weeks ago but neither could obtain any advantage. The Rovers kicked off with the breeze behind them and it was early evident that the pace was to be a scorcher. The Rangers' right made headway but Findlay of the Rovers kept them well in hand. The Rovers, led by Anderson, came near scoring but McMurtrie was all there and prevented them from doing so. The Rangers' left rushed away and forced a corner off Inglis but the ball was ultimately sent behind. Wilson, who was playing centre-half for the Rangers, allowed Anderson too much scope and it was a good thing for the Saltcoats lads that their defence was in form. The Rangers made several raids on the Rovers' goal but the wind spoiled the shooting and an exciting first half, in which the goalkeeping of McMurtrie was a feature, ended without any scoring being effected. In the second half, Wilson and Donohoe for the Rangers, exchanged places. Fraser restarted and the fun began again. Both goals had some narrow escapes at the outset. The Rangers had now any advantage that was going and Fraser, lying handy, opened the scoring. The Rovers responded gamely and, through a misunderstanding between the Saltcoats backs, Anderson slipped through the equaliser. Hardly had the cheers which greeted this success died away than Torrance, receiving a good pass from Tait, again put Rangers in the lead. Anderson, for the Rovers, tried hard to get through but was well shadowed by Donohoe. On the Rovers' defence giving way, Wilson raised his side in total to three goals and Torrance shortly afterwards added a fourth. Time was called leaving the Saltcoats lads victors of a rousing game by four goals to one. The Rovers don't feel downheartened over this reverse. We hope to hear an early revival of their form for the sake of Ardrossan football.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 2 November 1900
This was the first reported match played at Winton Park.

These teams met in a friendly match at west Kilbride on Saturday (17 November 1900). The game was a hard and fast one, both sides being well-matched as to playing power although the West Kilbride team is composed of stalwarts beside whom the visitors looked like youngsters having a game with their fathers. The trickiness of the Ardrossan players gave their opponents plenty to do but weight told and in a skirmish in front of the visitors' goal, an unfortunate slip by one of the Ardrossan backs gave the opportunity and West Kilbride scored a goal. Ardrossan made strenuous efforts to equalise but all in vain and the game had to be abandoned owing to darkness setting in about ten minutes before time. Unfortunately, we did not know the West Kilbride men by name and therefore cannot give praise where it is due on their side but for Ardrossan, it is only fair to say that Love was a tower of strength in goal and saved many good shots. Allison played a rare game at back and McKillop also deserves a word of praise but the cleverness of little Anderson, the centre half, fairly astonished the natives. Winton Rovers journey to Largs today, Saturday (24 November 1900), to play a friendly with Largs Neva. The Rovers' team will probably be G Love, G Breckenridge, G Inglis, D Findlay, J Allison, W McKillop, W Fingland, T Anderson, J Strachan and H Fowlis.
            Ardrossan, Saltcoats and Stevenston Standard, 24 November 1900

These teams met on Saturday last (23 November 1900) at South Beach when both were fairly well represented. A hard game was experienced all through. In the first half, the Rovers had the best of the play, McKillop scoring the first goal in a scrimmage. Strachan netted the second goal from a pass from Anderson. In the second half, the Rangers took their turn at forcing the play and Knox scored their first goal off a corner kick. After a few minutes fast play, McFar1ane with a hard shot, tried Love, who saved it, but Torrance got the leather at his toe and equalised. During the last few minutes of the game, the Rovers made a determined attempt to secure the winning goal, but Strachan headed the leather over the bar. The Winton Rovers ought to have played at Largs but the Largs team had mistaken the fixture. The Rovers, however, meet Stevenston Thistle today.
            Ardrossan, Saltcoats and Stevenston Standard, 1 December 1900

These teams met at Ardrossan in a friendly on Saturday last (1 December 1900) at Winton Park. Ivybank turned up with two players short but got the assistance of two well-known players from Ardrossan. The game started briskly, Rovers starting to press and getting in front of Lambie. Strachan with a good shot put on the first goal for Rovers. Ivybank wakened up at this reverse, pulled themselves together and forced Rovers to defend, and after some good work Murray put on the equaliser for Ivybank. Shortly afterwards, McKillop had an exciting run towards Lambie who saved splendidly. Ivybank were not to be denied, and came away and scored a somewhat easy goal, thus putting Ivybank one up. Half time now arrived with Ivybank leading 2 goals to 1. The teams crossed over and play was confined to midfield till Findlay got the leather and worked down the field, and from a cross shot Strachan put on the second goal for the Rovers. Shortly afterwards, Findlay scored a third and a hard and fast game ended in favour of the Rovers by three goals to two. Today, the Rovers travel to Largs to play a friendly with the Largs Neva. The team will be Love, G Inglis, A Thomson, Taylor, Allison, McKillop, Anderson, Cochrane, Findlay, Strachan and Fowlis.
            Ardrossan, Saltcoats and Stevenston Standard, 8 December 1900

These teams engaged in a friendly game at
Winton Park, Ardrossan on Saturday last (15 December 1900). The game opened briskly, Rovers attacking. The Thistle made some headway but McMurray cleared and let his forwards away. Rovers had hard lines in not scoring. Midfield play ensued until Bigham broke through and scored for the Thistle. Shortly before half-time, the same player scored again, Love having no chance to save owing to the bad footing in the goalmouth. On resuming the visitors, with the wind in their favour, did most of the pressing and finally ran out winners by four to nil. Today, Saturday (22 December 1900), the Rovers journey to Stevenston and will engage in a friendly with Auchenharvie. The following team will represent them - Love; Inglis and McMu.rray; Findlay, Allison, and Bennett; Cochrane, Anderson, McKi1lop, Fowler, and Strachan.
            Ardrossan, Saltcoats and Stevenston Standard, 22 December 1900


At Heather Park, the Auchenharvie Eleven had the Ardrossan Winton Rovers as visitors last Saturday (22 December 1900). The Rovers won the spin of the coin and elected to play against the wind in the first half. From the outset, the Auchenharvie boys hammered their opponents to their citadel but the latter offered a good defence and half an hour passed away before the homesters were able to open the scoring department, Harris doing the needful with a fine shot. The success gave the homesters some encouragement in their aggressive work and a few minutes later, a second point was registered while before the interval, Stirratt was responsible for the third, thus placing the Ardrossan lads three goals in arrears. In the second half, Auchenharvie had again the best of matters. Faulds led off with goal number four and as short time later, a fifth point was added. This seemed to take heart out of the Rovers for a time and both teams began to show unfair tactics. The Ardrossan lads, however, rallied and some fifteen minutes from time, they scored their first goal which they followed up with a second before the signal to halt was given. A very unpleasant game ended in favour of Auchenharvie by five goals to two.
Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 28 December 1900

The Winton Rovers, in their match with the Auchenharvie Eleven on Saturday (22 December 1900), were unfortunate in being without the services of four of their usual team. In the first half, the home team, Auchenharvie, had the advantage of the wind and although the Rovers were within an ace of scoring on more than one occasion, they crossed over leading by three goals to nil. On resuming, there was only one team in it. The Rovers rained shots on their opponents' goal but without effect, the goalkeeping being splendid. The homesters twice broke away, scoring on each occasion and although both points appeared to be decidedly offside, the referee, who was somewhat partial to the Stevenston eleven, would not listen to appeal. The Rovers kept up the pressure and at last Fowler scored followed at few minutes later by another from Findlay. The game became somewhat rough, the home team using an unnecessary amount of force with the result that two of the visitors were 'stretchered'. Until the end, the Rovers held the upper hand but failed to add to their score, the game ending in favour of Auchenharvie by five goals to two.
            Ardrossan, Saltcoats and Stevenston Standard, 29 December 1900