Ardrossan Castlehill Athletic was the only football club in Ardrossan in 1899 and played its last reported game on 15 April 1899.

This combination of 'cullahed' gentlemen gave one of their popular entertainments in the new Town Hall, Saltcoats on Friday evening last (7 January 1899). The hall was well-filled but some reserved seats showed that new year parties were still in vogue. For the first time in their history, the Minstrels bravely cast themselves on their own resources and one of the first things this act of theirs demonstrated was that there was no outside aid to strengthen their position in favour of the ladies. The display of millinery - of the winter order of course - and of pretty faces, the property of ladies, married or unmarried, was enough to have made less seasoned veterans blush under their dusky skins. The Minstrels seems to like it. The programme was entertaining enough but a printer would call it one sided. The Minstrels gave of their best in the first half. In the second, they had very little opportunity to give anything at all. The consolation is that the first half was almost good enough for an ordinary whole. The company have evidently been bestowing some attention on the act of singing tout ensemble (vide popular French phrase book). The result is gratifying. The opening chorus, With Horse And Hound, was a very creditable performance and the same might quite truthfully be said of the other two choruses. The solo singing was good all through. Mr J Blaik was in good form. He acquitted himself so well that a man seated behind us audibly expressed the hope that he would make a quick recovery from the sin which beset him and which is knowing as 'going off to Glasgow at half past nine'. Mr A Kay, Mr S Crowe, Mr R Vey, Mr Carruthers, Mr R Moore, Mr Joe Black, Mr Max Greig and Mr Tom Reece deserved the applaudits they received. Master Robertson among the warblers and Little Chick among the men who make music with their feet are deservedly the pets of the troupe. Messrs Watson and Pearlman contributed some very clever banjo work. Messrs Greig and Crowe as humorous duettists made a very good appearance. The Ninth Battalion On Parade was side-splitting. The jokes were all new and none known - very high praise indeed for the humorous element in a negro troupe. The orchestra contributed very valuably to the entertainment and Miss G Robertson accompanied the soloists with great agility. Everyone present on Friday night will look forward with pleasurable anticipations to the next public appearance of the Minstrels.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 13 January 1899

The Ardeer Rangers paid a visit to Montfod Park on Saturday (4 March 1899) and engaged the local juniors, Ardrossan Castlehill Athletic in a friendly. There was a fair turnout of spectators. During the first part of the game, stiff play prevailed although quarrelling was at times apparent which might have been prevented had the referee kept the players more in check. One goal each was scored in the first half and at the commencement of the second period, a second point was registered by the Athletics. What was supposed to have been a third goal followed but at this stage, several of the Ardeer players, considering themselves wronged by the referee's decision on this point, left the field. The players who remained decided to continue the game and endeavoured to bring back their dissatisfied comrades but as they refused to come forward, the game had to be abandoned and victory thus rested in favour of the Athletics by three goals to one.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 10 March 1899


            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 10 March 1899

Ardrossan Snowflake Amateur Minstrels have arranged to have a dance at an early date and the heart of every nice girl in the neighbourhood has begun to flutter. The Minstrels five a concert on an early date and by special request of their lady friends, they will remain on view all the time going so far as to ignore the conventional 'interval'.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 17 March 1899

Tomorrow (18 March 1899), the local junior team, Castlehill Athletic journey to Galston to play off their tie with the athletic of that ilk in the second round of the Irvine and District Consolation Cup.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 17 March 1899


Castlehill Athletic went to Galston on Saturday (18 March 1899) and met the Athletic of that ilk on the public park in an Irvine and District Consolation tie. Several of their players did not put in an appearance but the eleven which did duty on the day was not much inferior to the team which was expected to have turned up. Galston scored fifteen minutes from the start. The first goal was one which might very well be questioned. The goalkeeper, standing under the bar very near the line, caught the ball in his hands and threw it clear. The referee awarded the point on the presumption, we suppose, that the backward-saving of the goalkeeper's arms when throwing the sphere carried it over the line. The referee was not in a position to see with any degree of certainty whether this was the case or not. If there was any uncertainty about goal number one for Galston, there was no doubt about the second. It was scored from a scrimmage at the goalmouth and went through like a rocket just under the bar. Half-time found Galston leading by two goals to nothing and as the homesters played downhill after the change of ends, it looked as though the seaport lads were going to receive a proper drubbing yet this was not the case. Twice Galston scored in this half and though unable to notch a single point, time and again, the visitors had rather hard lines in their endeavours and when the game was in its last stages, they were beginning to show up to better advantage. Result Galston Athletic 4 - Castlehill Athletic 0. Our readers will no doubt be aware of the dismal tone of the Montfod Echoes this season. Chalked out of every competition, Saturday's defeat finishes the cup-ties for the Athletic for one season at least yet the Castlehill boys are not dismal over the business. They are 'conquered but not subdued' and they carry on the game in the face of difficulties and discouragement in a manner which says much for their sportsman-like interest in football. The greatest drawback to football in the locality lies in the want of a field near the town but what about that field in the vicinity of the new Winton Public School and would not a tournament and accompanying sports tend to revive old and create new interest in the game? Could the Diamond Jubilee Committee be persuaded?
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 24 March 1899

The local Minstrels made their last bow to the public for the season in the new Town Hall, Saltcoats last night (23 March 1899). The programme showed that the company had evidently been at considerable pains to introduce several new items in almost every department. Unfortunately, they were disappointed in the banjoist, illness preventing Mr Pearlman from keeping his appointment. Down The River and Fairy Moonlight were the choral pieces. Both were good and new and they were tunefully sung. The solos included Keep A-Hitchin' Along by Mr J Seff, Swanee River and Julia O'Grady by Master A Robertson, A Lot To Do Today by Mr Blaik, Song Of The Sea by Mr R Thur, Dotty Otty by Mr Max Greig, On The Banks Of The Wabash by Mr Alexander, Zi Zizzy Zi Zum Zum, A Sailor's Star By Mr R Moore, De Mississippi Shore by Mr J C Wilson, True As The Stars That Are Shining by Mr A Kay, De Tennessee Christ'nin' by Mr Joe Black, De Lonesome Coon by Mr C Bell, Messrs Blaik and Greig and Messrs Blake and Alexander contributed two duets and Little Chick did two dances. Mr Blaik's Ninth Battalion on Parade was the finale to the first part of the programme. A humorous travesty entitled Private Tuition concluded the entertainment. Mr Fred Kerr was conductor, Miss Robertson accompanist and Mr Vincent Kerr, leader of the orchestra. Probably owing to the advanced season, the attendance was not large.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 24 March 1899

The Ardrossan Castlehill Athletic and Saltcoats Fusiliers were the combatants at Montfod Park last Saturday (15 April 1899). The Athletics proved too many for the 'sodjers', the score being two to nil against the latter. Owing to the sphere bursting through coming in contact with a barbed wire which runs alongside the field, the game had to be stopped shortly after the commencement of the second half.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 21 April 1899
This was Ardrossan Castlehill Athletic's last reported game.

A stiff game was played at Brewery Park, Saltcoats on Saturday (9 September 1899). The occasion was a friendly between Newmilns and Saltcoats Victoria juniors and the result was a draw one goal each. We understand the Vics have recently lost a couple of their best players in the persons of Reid and McBride both of whom have been secured by Stevenston Thistle. Notwithstanding these losses, the Vics managed to hold their own well against the Newmilns boys. The Vics, we believe, had the assistance of several of the Ardrossan Castlehill juniors.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 15 September 1899

High-sounding rumours of a cycle track, a football field and indeed fully-equipped athletic grounds being laid off in Ardrossan shortly, are in the air at present.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 22 September 1899

On the evening of Friday last (16 September 1899), the members of Castlehill Athletic Football Club met in the Templars' Hall, Ardrossan and presented to
Mr Charles Price, the esteemed club secretary, a beautiful marble timepiece on the occasion of his marriage. The presentation was made by Mr Blair and Mr Price briefly and feelingly acknowledged the gift. Remarks were also made by several gentlemen present, all uniting in expressing good wishes for the future welfare of Mr Price and the lady of his choice. A pleasant programme of song was rendered in the course of a very enjoyable evening. The clock, which was supplied by Messrs J and R Nairn, bore the following inscription 'Presented to Mr Charles Price on the occasion of his marriage by the members of Castlehill Athletic F C and friends. September 20th 1899'.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 22 September 1899

We have been favoured with a copy of this amateur troupe's balance sheet and we are glad to note that the statement shows a surplus of the right kind. It will be remembered that this company of young men banded themselves together for practice in negro melodies and other minstrel acquirements and that for the past three winters they have provide public entertainments, the free proceeds to go to local charities. Their services are quite gratuitous and they impose a membership fee upon themselves which last season increased their receipts by £2 12s 6d. As a result of the past season's performances, once at Seamill and twice in Saltcoats, there is on hand for allocation £6 13s 3d of which sum £1 13s has been handed over to the Reverend John Lamb, West Kilbride on behalf of the poor there. The members, who meet on an early date to consider their future plans will no doubt make judicious division of the balance.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 29 September 1899

Ardrossan may not have turned out any great football stars but this week we are able to inform our readers that an Ardrossan-born player, in the person of D Reid, acted as goalkeeper in the annual international match, Chile versus The World which was played on the Valparaiso club's ground in the month of August last. Reid was custodian for The World which representation won the match by three goals to one. The Chilean Times, commentating on the play of the respective sides, says 'Reid in goal seemed to have regained some of his effective saving qualities of three years ago when he stood guard between the uprights for the Victoria Rangers.'.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 13 October 1899

This organisation which was wont for several years to provide occasional popular entertainments now rests from its labours. The roll has been called for the last time and the cash book, balanced and audited, has been carefully laid aside to serve as a guide possibly to succeeding coloured troupes. It is satisfactory to know that the Minstrels dissolve partnership with their affairs in a solvent condition. After meeting all claims, the sum in credit is £4 15s 7d and this amount has been handed to us by Mr S Slater for allocation among local charities. We have had pleasure in discharging this agreeable task and have remitted to the treasurers of the named institutions the following donations - Ardrossan Clothing Society £1 3s; Ardrossan Nursing Scheme £1 5s 7d; Saltcoats Clothing Society £1 3s; Saltcoats Nursing Association £1 4s. The receipt of these sums has been graciously acknowledged by the respective treasurers. The Minstrels are deserving of the thanks of the community for the pleasant evenings they afforded and for the monetary assistance they have been able to render to deserving institutions.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 8 December 1899

11 December 1899
I observed with surprise your paragraph in last week's issue anent the disbanding of the Minstrels. It is the first and the only information I or any of the members have received to that effect. Section 7 of our constitution distinctly says 'the company shall be dissolved only by a resolution passed at an extraordinary general meeting of members at which there shall be present not less than three-fourths of the members which resolution shall be confirmed at a subsequent extraordinary general meeting, there being then present not less than the same proportion of members to be held not sooner than three months after the meeting at which such resolution shall have been passed'. This being the case, I fail to see how the Minstrels can be dissolved by the president or any other individual member. Certainly a meeting was called about a month ago but as the night was unsuitable, only two members turned out. Even this does not justify any member taking upon himself the responsibility of winding up the affairs of the company and I am sure I am only speaking the mind of the majority of the members when I say that although the Minstrels have not given a performance this season, they shall yet take new life and with the support of the public of Ardrossan and Saltcoats may do even better than they have done in the past. Certainly, there has been a lack of enthusiasm among the members but I hope that the effect of your paragraph of last week will have the effect of stirring them up so that when again called on, they will give us that support which, when the troupe was in its infancy, they so willingly bestowed. I hope you will find space for this letter so that it may dispel the erroneous idea that the roll has been called for the last time.
A Member of Committee
We will be pleased if the effect of our paragraph of last week is to impart life into what seems to be a dying society. In fairness, however, to ourselves we would point out that more than one opportunity was given to the members to the Minstrels to come forward an vote and that the last notice contained an intimation to the effect that non-attendance would be accepted as indifference. From all we can learn, the balance would have been exhausted in calling meetings before three-fourths of the members took the trouble to come together. We do not think the members used the executive quite fairly. Editor
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 15 December 1899

I have read with pleasure the paragraph contained in your last issue with reference to the above and heartily endorse all that has been said by A Member of Committee. In face of Section 7 of the constitution, it is outside the power of the president or any other individual member to wind up the affairs of the troupe, even admitting that the two meetings called failed to secure the attendance of the requisite number of members. With regard to the intimations of these meetings, I would point out in the first instance, all members were not notified - that I presume was the fault of the secretary - and on the second occasion it was intimated that 'in the event of the non-attendance of a sufficient number of members, the committee reserved to themselves the right to wind up the affairs of the company' or words to that effect. Section 7 of the constitution clearly shows that the committee have no such power and so far as I am aware all the members of committee were not consulted even on this point. Although members do not seem disposed to resume practice this winter, it need not be taken for granted that all interest in the movement has ceased. Indeed, I believe I am airing the views of many when I state that the apparent lack of interest is due to a freely expressed opinion that to carry on the movement under present conditions would simply be courting failure. would simply be courting failure. What is wanted, in my opinion, is a thinning out of those half-hearted members who last winter thought it sufficient to attend practice once a month or so, an infusion of new blood and a more regular system of practice. Until this is done, the Ardrossan Snowflake Amateur Minstrels can achieve no real success and the sooner this is done, the better it will be for those charities which derive benefit from their performance. I am assuming that the Minstrels are not disbanded and that I and still
A Member
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 22 December 1899