A new club, Ardrossan Seafield Athletic, was founded in 1898. Ardrossan Castlehill Athletic continued to be the most active club and Ardrossan Snowflake Minstrels played one reported game.

The Castlehill Athletic travelled to Stevenston on Saturday (15 January 1898) to play their return match with Ardeer Rangers on Warner Park. In the first half, the homesters were pretty much confined to their own territory but the shooting of the visitors was decidedly 'oph', many easy chances being thrown away. Half-time found both teams equal with no goals scored. The second half was more evenly contested although, just at the finish, the Rangers managed to find an opening and scored the only goal of the match thus winning by one goal to nothing. Throughout the game, play was of a very ragged description and the result is by no means a true index of the play. Tomorrow, the Athletic try conclusions with a Saltcoats select team on Montfod Field. An interesting game may be expected as it is understood that the select team will include several of the late Saltcoats Victoria players. Would it be possible - and we think it would - to raise in the district a senior team to fill the place of 'the late Saltcoats Victoria'? It would be somewhat unusual to have a junior team inaugurating a senior one but the idea, it will be apparent, is quite a feasible one and we would venture to commend its consideration to the officials of the Castlehill Athletic club. There is no lack of football talent in the locality and it is unfortunate that the want of a proper field has hitherto provided a barrier to the organisation of a representative senior eleven. The Castlehill lads have a field and a very serviceable clubhouse also. The financial part of the matter is not such a difficulty as it may at first appear. The players would not require payment. At least, we are of the opinion that first-class footballers will be found in the neighbourhood - as in the ranks of the Athletic - who are willing to play the game for its own sake. The Castlehill Athletic club has done more for athletics generally in the district than is at present apparent and we hope to hear of a senior eleven by next season. The club, we think, might with advantage direct attention to other branches of athletics rather than confine itself to football.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 21 January 1898
There was no report on the match with the Saltcoats select team in the following week's Herald.

We understand that Ardrossan Castlehill Athletic will engage Vale of Garnock tomorrow, Saturday (12 March 1898) at
Montfod Park. The occasion is a tie in the Irvine and District Consolation Cup competition and as this is the first time the Vale has visited the district, we hope to see a good turnout. The Athletics will have to put their best foot forward if they wish to graduate a stage further in the ties.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 11 March 1898

After a lengthy term of inaction, the Ardrossan Castlehill Athletic juniors found employment last Saturday (12 March 1898) at Montfod Park. The occasion was a tie in the initial round of the Irvine and District Consolation Cup competition and their opponents were the Vale of Garnock. This tie, we believe, was expected to have been played off somewhere about last Christmas but for some unexplained reason, it was postponed till last Saturday and the teams accordingly met at the place appointed before a fair concourse of onlookers but when the representative sides were ready to take the field, it leaked out that the 'knight of the whistle' appointed to referee the match had not made his appearance. This was unfortunate and the teams had good cause to feel indignation over his non-arrival. However, the players were not to be denied and in order to get out of the difficulty, the two captains agreed to select a gentleman from among the spectators to act as referee, the game to be played as a cup-tie. This was done and hostilities were at once commenced but it is a question whether the Association will accept of the game played as a cup-tie. The game was fairly well-contested on the whole in the first half of which the Vale registered a couple of goals and the Athletic one. During the second period, the homesters succeeded best at goal as they placed another two points to their total. On the other hand, the Vale failed to supplement their score and the Athletics ran out winners of the game by the narrow margin of three to two. We learn that the Vale has lodged a protest against one of the Athletic players whom they consider was ineligible to play, being a senior. We were always under the impression that protests had to be lodged with the referee and seeing that the gentleman appointed by this Association to take charge of the game was not present, we take it upon ourselves to say that the Vale's protest must be consider informally lodged. Moreover, the very absence of the referee is, in our opinion, a strong argument why the match last Saturday should be rendered null and void and we will be more than surprised if the Association does not order the tie to be replayed from Montfod Park.
Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 18 March 1898

Owing to the undecided tie between Galston Athletic and Kilmarnock Winton having been fixed for Saturday (16 April 1898), the Ardrossan Castlehill Athletic juniors have again been disappointed. They were looking forward to a match with Galston Athletic at Ardrossan but the Montfod youths will require to wait another week at least before the Ayrshire finalists can oblige.

            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 15 April 1898

We understand the cup-tie game between Ardrossan Castlehill Athletic and Vale of Garnock clubs in the Irvine and District Junior Consolation Cup competition has been ordered by the Association to be replayed at Montfod Park, Ardrossan on Saturday first (23 April 1898) on condition that the Vale square up an account with another club before that date, failing which the tie will be awarded to the Ardrossan club. It will be remembered these teams met at Ardrossan to play off the tie but, owing to the referee appointed by the Association to take charge of the game not turning up, the two captains agreed to select a referee from among the spectators on the understanding that the game would be played as a cup-tie which resulted in favour of the Athletics by three goals to two. This game, we held, to be null and void and the Association has confirmed our opinion by ordering a replayal of the tie.
Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 22 April 1898

We understand the Consolation cup-tie between Ardrossan Castlehill Athletic and Vale of Garnock which was ordered by the Irvine and District Association to be replayed at Ardrossan last Saturday (23 April 1898) has been awarded to the Athletic. The Vale, it appears, failed to settle an account with another club within the prescribed time stated by the Association and the Vale has been suspended until payment is made. In the Association awarding the tie to the Athletic, this decision brings them into the semi-final stage of the competition. When this tie is expected to be played, we have not learned, but the fact that Hurlford Thistle will be their opponents should suffice to stir up the Athletic brigade for the occasion.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 29 April 1898

This excellent troupe of Minstrels will give a concert in the Assembly Hall, Ardrossan tonight, Friday (29 April 1898). As in all their previous appearances, the surplus proceeds will go to local charities so that purchasers of tickets have the conscientious to doing a good action while giving themselves an evening's enjoyment. The programme contains a number of first-route songs and offers ample scope for showing off the capabilities of the artistes.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 29 April 1898
This is the opening paragraph of a longer report.

These witty men gave their last concert for the season in the Assembly Hall, Ardrossan on Friday evening last (29 April 1898). The programme was a good one, catchy airs, lively choruses and witty patter abounding. The orchestral accompaniments were of a very superior class. There was a good attendance and the reception accorded the several artistes evinced hearty appreciation of their efforts. The season's public appearances have had an excellent effect.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 6 May 1898

Ardrossan Castlehill Athletic and Hurlford Thistle will, we understand, face each other tomorrow, Saturday (7 May 1898) at Montfod Park, ground of the former, to decide their semi-final tie for the Irvine and District Consolation Cup. Should the Ardrossan youths survive the ordeal, we believe an effort will be made to have the final tie decided at Stevenston.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 6 May 1898

The Ardrossan Castlehill Athletic juniors played their last cup-tie of the season last Saturday (7 May 1898) at Montfod Park. The occasion was a semi-final tie for the Irvine and District Consolation Cup and the visitors to the district were Hurlford Thistle, a club which at one time held a good name in junior circles. Time, it seems, has wrought changes with this junior organisation and on Saturday, the Hurlford representation which appeared at Montfod was, we were informed, quite a pick-up eleven. All the same, they appeared to possess a fair knowledge of the game as was afterwards seen and in the matter of weight seemed to have advantage over the Monfodians who, it may be mentioned, have played very few games during the season and on that account were not so proficient in the game as they might otherwise have been. Nevertheless, the Athletics cherished the hope that they would qualify to play the final for the trophy but as the sequel will show, this hope was not realised. The afternoon was a good one for football and the attendance of onlookers, though small, was believed to have been the best seen at Montfod. There was a fair breeze when operations commenced and winning the choice of ends, the Ardrossan lads decided to play the first half with the elements in their favour. For the first twenty minutes, play was mainly carried out on Hurlford territory during which the homesters evinced great keenness to open the scoring department but in their eagerness spoiled several good chances by shooting wide of the mark. The Hurlford defence stood up well to the attacks made on their stronghold and at length their forwards broke through the ground opposition and for the first time charged the home trust, a parting effort colliding with one of the uprights. At this point, the Athletic goal underwent a narrow shave from being captured for on the sphere rebounding into play after striking the upright, it rolled across the mouth of the home goal and went out at the foot of the opposite upright. The Hurlford lads thus lost a splendid chance to score and no doubt experience hard lines when they shook the home timber with their first effort. Play was transferred to the other end but again the homesters were repulsed empty-handed. Play was keen on both sides but still the current ran best with the locals who lacked decision at goal. As time advanced, Hurlford opened out better and several times put the ground defence to the test among whom Greene on the left shone most conspicuously when the pinch came. Hurlford failed to make any impression on their opponents' citadel and although several good tries were effected by the Montfod at the other end, they too had to content themselves without a single morsel of comfort further than that they had the best of matters in the first moiety of the contest which ended with no goals being scored. When the second period was resumed, the wind had somewhat moderated though there was still a little puff left to favour the miner lads who were now expected to run off with the game. Right well they started and ere five minutes elapsed, the Montfod custodian had to acknowledge himself beaten by Richmond with the initial goal of the match. The Hurlford boys seemed to be on the right road to success and several of them were already elated at the prospects before them but they were not allowed to have such a monopoly of the play as their opponents enjoyed in the early stages of the first half. One goal down only served the Montfod to their work more than ever and before fifteen minutes of this half had gone, a brisk assault on the part of the homesters was crowned with success for which Armour was responsible with a fine shot. This success put a different complexion on the game and the fact that the teams were on level terms with one point each made the game interesting to the admirers of the home team. A short time later, however, Hurlford again took up the running by notching a second goal and once more it was a stiff uphill battle for the Athletics who struggled gamely to get on equal terms with their rivals. Time and again, they invaded Hurlford's goal but to no purpose and ultimately a third point was bracketed by the visitors. It was now felt to be all over with the Athletics who continued to have a share of the game but failed to lessen the gap which separated the teams and victory thus rested in favour of Hurlford Thistle by three goals to one. The Athletics, in our opinion, threw away the game in the first half. They ought to have scored several times during that period but they did not take advantage of the opportunities which opened up to them.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 13 May 1898

We understand the Ardrossan Castlehill Athletic juniors will play their last match of the season tomorrow (28 May 1898). They will travel to Galston and there engage the Ayrshire Junior Cup finalists, Galston Athletic, in a friendly. Should the local team turn out strongly, the Ardrossan boys may expect their last game to be a hard one.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 27 May 1898
There was no match report in the following week's Hearld.

On Saturday last (18 June 1898), Cochrane Park, Irvine was the venue for a junior football tourney and a dribbling race. The principal event was the five-a-side football competition for which gold badges are offered to the winners. Nine teams entered and the first two rounds were played off, the semi-final and final ties to take place on Saturday 2 July. The teams which graduated into the semi-final stage were Montgreenan number one, Ayr Ardenvilla, Rising Star and Meadow Eleven number one. Among the losing teams was a representation from the Ardrossan Castlehill Athletic - Green, Inglis, McKillop, Miller and Brown - who were beaten in the first round by Ayr Ardenvilla. After playing a drawn game of two goals each, the Ayr boys managed to score the winning goal during the extra time which had to be played.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 24 June 1898

J Green of the Ardrossan Castlehill Athletic assisted Galston Athletic on Saturday (20 August 1898) in their opening match of the season with Kilmarnock Winton. He had the honour to score the initial goal for the Athletics who defeated the Ayrshire champions.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 26 August 1898

On Tuesday night (23 August 1898), the Association met at Kilmarnock. The Ayr and Largs and District Associations applied for affiliation. The Ayr application was delayed until their rules were submitted and Largs will be accepted provided their rules are in accordance with those governing this Association. The secretary reported there were three clubs less in the Association this year - thirty-two against thirty-five. Twelve clubs were defunct and there were nine new clubs.
The following are the drawings in the first round of the competition.
Irvine District
Ardrossan Castlehill Athletic v Montgreenan Rangers
Beith Gateside Thistle v Irvine Meadow Eleven
Troon Portland v Crosshouse
Irvine Caledonia - a bye
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 26 August 1898

We understand the Ardrossan Castlehill youths intend to commence operations tomorrow (3 September 1898) at Montfod Park where they will try conclusions with Irvine Caledonia. The last time these teams met at Ardrossan, the Caley boys won by three to two but as the Athletics expect to be a bit stronger this season, they hope to be able to reverse the above result.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 2 September 1898

Junior clubs wishing to arrange fixtures with Ardrossan Castlehill will please communicate with Mr Charles Price, secretary, Winton Street, Ardrossan. As a juvenile team has been formed in connection with the above, juvenile club secretaries wishing to arrange fixtures with same can also communicate with Mr Price.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 2 September 1898

The Association met at Irvine on Saturday last (27 August 1898) and the drawings for the first round of the competition resulted as follows.
Burnfoothill v Kilmarnock Rugby Eleven
Darnconnar Britannia v Irvine Meadow Eleven
Montgreenan v Kilmarnock Shawbank
Galston Ladyton Star v Darvel
Cumnock Craigbank v Galston Athletic
Ayr Juniors v Newmilns
Crosshouse v Irvine Caledonia
Glenbuck v Mauchline Thistle
Ardrossan Castlehill v Catrine Ayrbank
Beith Gateside Thistle v Hurlford Thistle
Ties are to be played on or before 24 September
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 2 September 1898

The match between Ardrossan Castlehill and Irvine Caledonia turned out to be a close affair. In the first part, the Caley boys put on three goals against one for the homesters. The second half found the Athletics going better and before play ceased they got on a level with their rivals. A well-contested game ended in a draw of three goals each. Another rousing game is anticipated at Montfod Park tomorrow (10 September 1898) and if the Montgreenan Rangers have no objection, a win will please the Ardrossan youths immensely.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 9 September 1898

A contemporary of last week has the following paragraph. Galston Athletic have made clever captures in Matt McFarlane of Shawbank and J Green of Ardrossan Castlehill Athletic. The party who wrote such a par is perhaps right with regard to McFarlane's capture but for his information we can tell him that J Green is still staunch and true to the Ardrossan lads. He played for Castlehill last Saturday (3 September 1898) against Irvine Caledonia and he intends to don the club's colours in their Ayrshire Cup-tie with the Montgreenan Rangers. Galston Athletic will have to pay a good round sum before they capture Green.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 9 September 1898

Like the other unfortunates in the initial round of the Ayrshire Junior Cup, Ardrossan Castlehill made their exit from the competition on Saturday last (10 September 1898) for which the Montgreenan Rangers were responsible. The game was played at Montfod Park, the ground of the losers and attracted a small turnout of onlookers. The Rangers, who were perhaps the better lot, deserved their victory of four to two in the fact that they made their superiors trot hard for their win which included a penalty kick for which the home full-back Inglis was wholly to blame. Playing down the hill, in the first half, the Ardrossan youths had rather the best of matters and after repeated failures opened the scoring department something like fifteen minutes from the start. The Rangers eventually commenced to have a say in the game and made several close approaches on the home trust but the last quarter hour of the game was ushered in ere the visitors equalised. The current still ran with the homesters but at goal they lacked badly. Now and again, the Rangers broke through the opposition cleverly and towards the close, were awarded a penalty kick from which they registered goal number two. This was all the scoring in the initial half and with the Rangers leading by two to one, matters did not look rosy for the homesters who had to play uphill during the second period. Restarting, the Rangers were early on the aggressive but for a time were fairly well held though they ultimately succeeded in registering a third goal. The homesters were now a couple of points in arrears and this fact caused them to infuse a little more vim into their play. On one occasion, they had rather hard luck in not scoring when Miller banged the sphere against the visitors' custodian who luckily saved. Miller again got command and when only some three yards off, his last effort went close past the wrong side of the post. Play now was better divided, each goal being in turn assailed and as time advanced, through good work, bracketed a second point. This success put a different complexion on the game but for the unfortunate penalty kick, the teams would have been standing on terms of equality but a few minutes later, the Rangers notched a fourth goal and defeat seemed to stare the Ardrossan boys in the face. They struggled gamely to the finish, however, but failed to make any impression on their opponents' citadel and retired beaten, as already stated, by four goals to two. The play of several of the homesters was below par and as a whole lacked the style of the Rangers. The game however, was well-contested and the Ardrossan lads were just a bit unfortunate in being two goals behind at the finish. Better luck next time, perhaps.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 16 September 1898

Ardrossan juvenile team, Seafield Athletic had a visit from Hurlford Portland Vale on Saturday last (17 September 1898) at Montfod. A well-contested game ended in favour of the local boys by three goals to two. Tomorrow, the Seafield Athletic travel to Troon where they engage the juvenile team of that place in the first round of the Irvine and District Juvenile Cup.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 23 September 1898

On Saturday last (17 September 1898), the Castlehill Athletic journeyed to Beith and played a friendly game with Gateside Thistle and got defeated by six goals to three.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 23 September 1898

The Troon Rangers scored a gigantic victory over Ardrossan Seafield at Troon (on 24 September 1898), the visitors being drubbed to the extent of twelve goals to nil in a tie for the Irvine and District Juvenile Cup honours.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 30 September 1898

The Ardrossan Castlehill Athletic will play Catrine Ayrbank Rangers tomorrow (1 October 1898) at Montfod Park. The occasion is an Irvine and District cup-tie.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 30 September 1898

Saturday afternoon last (1 October 1898), witnessed a lively game at Montfod when Catrine Ayrbank Rangers met Ardrossan Castlehill Athletic in the fist round of the Irvine and District Cup competition. Matters assumed rather a brisk aspect form the start of the game and hard play characterised the opening stages. The sphere was carried from the vicinity of one goal to the vicinity of the other with a regularity and speed that were noteworthy, though the display of both teams at this point was of a somewhat disjointed description. Before the close of the initial period, the Rangers were awarded a penalty kick for some offence on the part of their opponents which occurred in a scrimmage at the goalmouth and which gave them a lead of one goal. Restarting, but a short period of the second half elapsed ere another goal, the result of a fine combined run, put the Rangers two up. With two goals down and the second half, 'wearin' awa'', the Castlehill began to show to more advantage. More combined play followed on their part and attack succeeded attack on the Rangers goal. McLennan put in some fine dribbling work for his team and all round, at this point, the local players were making a decidedly superior show to that of their opponents. Their efforts were at length rewarded by a goal. This goal seemed to have the effect of rousing to wrath the Catrine lads and one rushed at the referee and executed some pugilistic movements before the bewildered optics of that official who, strange to say, did not exercise his power to remove the player from the field. Lively play followed and hard knocks were exchanged pretty freely but the ground players still kept their forward combination well and soon another goal, well taken, placed the teams level. Time was drawing near and there seemed every probability of a draw being the result when another penalty kick against Castlehill placed the Rangers in the ascendant. From this point till the close of the game, Castlehill bombarded their opponents' goal without result. Of all the leather-trundlers in the shire, it would be hard to indicate a more unlucky lot than the Montfod lads. At any rate, they experienced the hardest of hard lines on Saturday without doubt. Both teams had a very effective back division, the visitors particularly so. In combination, notably in the second period, the local players were seen to better advantage and we think that on the day's play, they should have won.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 7 October 1898

Crookedholm were the opponents of Ardrossan Castlehill on Saturday last (15 October 1898) at Montfod Park in the first round of the Irvine Herald cup competition. The playing conditions of the afternoon were not of a very desirable nature, a strong wind blowing across the field. Coming away in a body directly the ball was set in motion, Castlehill reached their opponent's goal within a minute of the start and from a good pass, Breckenridge scored. This was rather a bright beginning and the loss of a goal wakened up the Crookedholm lads who, by the way, lacked two of their players whose places were filled by subs. The visitors held their goal intact from this point for a brief period. The wind spoiled the play to a great extent but a pass on the centre after a spell of one-sided work in which the home lot had the best of matters was splendidly played between Mackay and Robertson on the Castlehill right wing. Mackay scored with a shot which gave the goalkeeper no chance to save. Crookedholm began to show up to advantage after this and a good run resulted in a well-deserved goal. In the second half, the Castlehill lads had the ball through twice. In the first case from a free kick, the sphere sailed through without being touched. In the second, a foul was given against Crookedholm just as their keeper failed to catch a fine shot. This fixture is a home-and-away affair and on Saturday's play, Castlehill ought to give a good account of themselves at Hurlford.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 21 October 1898

On Saturday last (22 October 1898), before a good turnout of spectators, Castlehill Athletic engaged in a friendly game with the Ardrossan Snowflake Minstrels at Montfod Park. The Minstrels won the toss and played downhill with a strong breeze in their favour holding their own for a while but latterly the Athletic broke away and Mackay succeeded in registering the initial goal of the game. From the play which followed, it was evident that the Athletic were the superior lot for shortly after their first success, they added two more goals to their total, one of those resulting from a fine shot from G Robertson. The second half commenced with the Athletic three goals in the lead and throughoutthis half, the Snowflakes' custodian had his work cut out for him. Two more goals followed and a splendid shot from midfield by J Greene brought the score up to six-nil in favour of the Athletic. It was not until a seventh goal had been notched that the 'burnt cork' men managed to make any show. About two minutes before time, they succeeded in putting the sphere through. A one-sided game ended Castlehill 7 Snowflake Minstrels 1. The Athletic journey to Crookedholm tomorrow where they play a return match with that team in the second round of the Irvine Herald Cup. Should they play up to Saturday's form, Crookedholm will have a hard run for it.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 28 October 1898

In the first round of the Irvine Herald Cup competition, Ardrossan Castlehill journeyed to Hurlford last Saturday (29 October 1898) and engaged Crookedholm in a return match. The weather was favourable for football but what greatly hindered Castlehill from showing up was the bad condition of the field which was in a deplorable state with mud and water. After a rather one-sided contest, the visitors had to retire beaten by five goals to nil and as the fixtures in this competition are home-and-home, the results of the two matches find Crookedholm the winners by six goals to four. We believe the Castlehill boys have protested owing to the unplayable conditions of the Crookedholm club's ground but what will come out of the protest, we are unable to say.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 4 November 1898

On Saturday last (5 November 1898), the Ardrossan juniors, Castlehill Athletic had a visit from the junior team of Newmilns. Both teams were a bit under strength and a very pleasant game ended in a draw of two goals each. Tomorrow, the Athletics travel to Warner Park, Stevenston where they will engage a team from Nobel's Works in a friendly.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 11 November 1898

Despite the counter attraction in town, Warner Park was engaged by a couple of Junior clubs, namely Ardrossan Castlehill and a team in connection with Nobel's Works. The match was a friendly one. Both teams lined up at the appointed hour. Castlehill were two players short of their eleven and their places had to be filled by subs. The homesters won the toss and played with a slight breeze in their favour in the first half. Play went well for a time, the teams being fairly well-matched but eventually the superior combination of Castlehill's left wing began to assert itself and a goal was the result for which Mackay was responsible. This success evidently roused the Dynamitards and after a smart piece of work by their forwards, Aitken potted the ball and the teams were level. The homesters' defence was a strong point in their team and the Ardrossan boys found it no easy task in finding their opening but at length, McKillop on the right wing was successful in bracketing a second goal for the visitors. The homesters tried hard to equalise again but their efforts were unavailing and Castlehill lead at the interval by two to one. Play in the second half was pretty much of the kick-and-rush character which was perhaps in some measure due to the fact that the referee punished defaulting players in one team and not in the other. All this withstanding, the game continued to be briskly contested and a scrimmage underneath the Athletics' bar resulted in a somewhat lucky goal for the Stevenston lads, the sphere rebounding off one of the players after the goalkeeper had kicked it out. The score of both teams now being equal, play became more stubborn on the part of the visitors and a long shot from J Robertson found its way between the sticks before the whistle sounded for time up. A hard game thus ended Castlehill Athletic 3, Ardeer Nobel's Works 2.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 18 November 1898

The Ardrossan Snowflake Amateur Minstrels are booked to spend hogmany at the Sanatorium, Seamill. They are to be entertainers, not patients.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 2 December 1898

On Saturday (26 November 1898), on a field at Seamill, West Kilbride Athletic and Ardrossan Castlehill set the sphere a-rolling in a friendly at which there was a fair attendance of spectators. The visitors were a bit under strength, some of their best players not being forward when the game started. Kilbride won the toss and decided to play down the hill and after a somewhat one-sided game, the visitors came off the victors by five goals to two.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 2 December 1898

The Ardrossan Castlehill Athletic were again in armour last Saturday (24 August 1898) when they journeyed to Meadow Park, Irvine and played a friendly with Meadow XI. A hard game was the result and when the whistle sounded the score stood Meadow XI 2, Castlehill 1. Taking into consideration the fact that the Meadowites defeated Castlehill at Meadow Park on a recent occasion by eight goals to nil, the small difference between the teams on Saturday is very creditable to the Ardrossan lads.
            Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 30 December 1898