The Glasgow Herald of 28 July 1879 carried the report below.

A most successful series of sports, organised by the Crescent Football Club, took place at Plantation Park, near Ardrossan, on Saturday afternoon (26 July 1879) and drew together a large concourse of spectators.  No fewer than twenty-eight events were placed upon the programme and there were competitors present from Edinburgh, Glasgow and various provincial towns.  Instead of the usual money prizes, the committee purchased a large number of beautiful and useful articles in silver, et cetera.  The instrumental band of the 4th AAV were present during the games and discoursed a variety of capital music.  At the close of the sports, Mr A S Aitken made a few remarks on the successful nature of the sports and called upon Miss McCall, the Manse, to present the prizes.

Although there is no reference to playing football, this report supports the existence of Ardrossan Crescent Football Club.