The Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald of 18 October 1879 carried the report below.

The Clydesdale of Ardrossan went to Kilbride on the 11 October 1879 to play a return match there. The ball being placed in the centre, the Hunters kicked off with the wind against them and a hard tie was played in the centre for about twenty minutes when a run was made down the field by the Clydesdale but the ball was kicked out. The goalkeeper kicked off the ball when the Clydesdale pressed the Hunters at their goal for a considerable time but no goal was taken. Time being called, the ball was placed in the centre again when the Clydesdale kicked off. They made a run to the Hunters' goal but the ball was turned and knocked down to the Clydesdale backs who dribbled it half-way up then gave a strong kick but here a hand was claimed by the Hunters. When the free kick was knocked off, the Clydesdale kicked it back to the left wing, who made a run up the field, the ball being passed to the centre and then to the wing again where Allison, making a run up to the goal, passed it to Allan who kicked it through. The ball being placed again, the Hunters kicked off and made a rush for goal when the Clydesdale backs turned the ball and had a hard try for another goal, several runs being made up and down the field. When time was called, the Clydesdale had scored one goal to nothing.

The report gives evidence of the existence of Ardrossan Clydesdale Football Club in 1879.

Only one other match was reported on.  The Glasgow Herald of 10 April 1882 published the following.

This game (on 8 April 1882) was played on the ground of the Seafield Clutha Park, Ardrossan.  The strangers won the toss and, selecting to play with the wind in their favour, after ten minutes play scored goal number one which was supplemented by a second a few minutes later.  Before half-time was called, the Clydesdale registered their first goal.  In the second part, the home team scored another two goals.  The match thus terminated in favour of the Clydesdale by three goals to two.

There were no further reports on Clydesdale until the article below appeared in the Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald of 25 May 1883.

The annual meeting of this club was held in the Eglinton Arms Hotel, Ardrossan (shown right in the early 1960s) on the evening of Friday last (18 May 1883) when the following office bearers were elected for season 1883-84 - Captain: W Craig, Vice-Captain: F Smith, Secretary and Treasurer: C Hendry, Church Lane. The Treasurer's account showed a handsome balance on hand which it was resolved to expend in the necessary appliances for cricket.

It is strange that, although there were no match reports in the Ardrossan and Saltcoats Heralds of 1883, the Ardrossan Clydesdale Football Club held its annual meeting at which it was reported to be in a healthy financial state. Clydesdale had its fourth reunion on 11 January 1884.